Luxury No. 1 Gift Box


The Luxury No. 1 gift box contains a Luxury No. 1 Solid Hand Cream Bar, the Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter, Lemonizing Chunky Shampoo Bar, and the Luxury Lip Balm, beautifully arranged in a clear-view, re-usable tin container.   (see more detailed description in the ABOUT section below)

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Luxury No. 1 Solid Hand Cream Bar is formulated using golden Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil which is then scented with our famous Luxury No. 1 scent blend which has been described as
sensuous and sophisticated. The scent is based on Lavender de Provence, Frankincense, Myrrh and Clove which gives a beautifully balanced scent.

The Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter is made with organic unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, certified eco-sustainable Palm Oil and golden Beeswax, which is then scented with our Luxury No. 1 essential oils blend. Luxurious!

The Lemonizing Chunky Shampoo Bar is the best hair treatment for damaged hair – it’s solid, it’s chunky, and it’s Lemonizing!  The Lemonazing Chunky Shampoo Bar is a little masterpiece formulated with Coconut Oil, virgin organic unrefined Shea Butter, cold pressed virgin Olive Oil and virgin organic Argan oil. The scent is Sicilian Lemon essential oil (Sicilian Lemons are considered the best Lemons in the world due to the perfect growing conditions of nutrient rich volcanic soil and copious amounts of Mediterranean sunshine…a little paradise for Lemons)!

Everyone needs a good lip balm. The Luxury Lip Balm is a simple concoction of golden Beeswax, to protect the lips, Cocoa Butter, which is a richly nourishing oil, Coconut oil, which adds a lovely soft texture to the balm and finally, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils for an exotically delicious scent. Known as “The very, very best lip balm in the entire world!”, this will NOT disappoint.

Luxury No. 1 Gift Box

Additional Details

Box Size:

Packaging: individual branded items placed in a re-usable metal tin (natural Aspen wood shavings within the box).

Origin: Handmade in Scotland, using NO colorants, NO preservatives, and NO artificial fragrance oils.

Testing: 100% cruelty free (never tested on animals)

Luxury No. 1 Gift Box